Step-by-step start guide

Learn how to begin investing in NFTs from scratch

Step-by-step investments guide

Step 1 : Find a suitable NFT Marketplace​

As a buyer, you will need the right NFT marketplace to discover exclusive digital assets. There are several NFT marketplaces around. However, not all marketplaces support all types of NFTs because of the different blockchain technology behind them. You need to select a marketplace depending on the standard it supports. These platforms financially support artists. 

the Top NFT marketplaces you can explore are : OpenSea, Foundation, Rarible, SuperRare and KnownOrigin

Step 2: Create a digital wallet

In order to purchase a certain NFT you will need to have a digital wallet to hold the private key and public key to your tokens, crypto, NFT…

Each of your wallet’s crypto addresses has a public and private key. You can provide the public key to anyone, just as you may give someone your bank account number to pay you or your email address to message you.

However, the public key alone will not allow you to access the funds within. The private key functions similarly to your debit card PIN in that it is needed to make payments and prove ownership of the address. 

There are several types of wallets but the easiest one right now is MetaMask.  In order to have a MetaMask wallet you need a Coinbase account and then you can just link it with your OpenSea account. 

Another new way to set-up MetaMask is by using the chrome MetaMask chrome extension which is quite easy to do.

Step 3: Add crypto to your wallet

With both Coinbase and MetaMask set up, it’s easy to transfer ETH into your account.

Copy your public address from MetaMask. Head over to Coinbase and click on the option to Pay in the menu. Choose how much you want to send to MetaMask and select ETH as currency. Click Continue and confirm the transfer.

Step 4: Start trading

Now all what you have to do is simply link your wallet to OpenSea (or the desired marketplace) and start buying and selling. We recommend starting with a very small amount of ETH or SOL and NEVER INVEST MORE THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE  

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