Samsung in the metaverse

samsung metaverse exhibition in decentralnd

Samsung recreate their New York City flagship store in Decentraland

Samsung 837, the South Korean tech company’s flagship experience center in Manhattan’s fashionable and retail-forward Meatpacking District, has added a new location – only this new shopping paradise is in the metaverse. Called Samsung 837X, the digital twin flagship is a fully immersive and explorable experience that features quests, NFT prizes, product drops, events and live performances for users, visitors, and Samsung fans. The Decentraland-Samsung brand experience is a blockchain-powered virtual space that consumers can connect to and explore simply by using their desktop browser.

Customers must first enter Decentraland via a web browser to access the store. After logging in, their avatar will be sent outside Samsung’s metaverse structure. When the avatar enters the lobby, a virtual guide will lead the avatar to one of three interior rooms: sustainability, customization, and connection.

The "Unpacked 2022" event

Samsung recently used the 837X metaverse space to host the Unpacked 2022 event. The Unpacked events are annual events held by Samsung to introduce their new products. Samsung unveiled the next generation of Galaxy S devices, including the first reveal of the Galaxy S22 phone and Galaxy Tab S8. The 360-degree immersive environment is the perfect store-as-stage for Samsung, and the company streamed the big Unpacked event on Facebook, Twitch, TikTok, as well as in the digital twin. 837X features a Connectivity Theater, which serves as a direct link to Samsung’s stage, relaying news and details from events regarding the company’s latest products.

Samsung and NFTs

Samsung has also been engaging in real-world planting. It recently partnered with Veritree, a Cardano-based climate restoration platform, to manage the planting of two million trees in Madagascar by the first quarter of this year.

Veritree offers a “Cardano Forest” where users can trade 15 or more Cardano (ADA) tokens for unique tree tokens. Users who donate ADA receive limited edition tree tokens as a result of their contribution. According to Veritree, tree tokens may be used for special trees and NFT digital art.


Samsung are digging their way into the metaverse, but they haven’t reached the point to say that they have been successful with it, the reason is the major problem that every current metaverse platform is facing and that is the non-full existence of a true metaverse platform. But come on, losing a few millions won’t bother Samsung.

Samsung metaverse decentraland

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