Samsung in the metaverse

samsung Metaverse Decentraland.jpg

NFT Samsung in the metaverse Samsung in the metaverse Read also Samsung recreate their New York City flagship store in Decentraland Samsung 837, the South Korean tech company’s flagship experience center in Manhattan’s fashionable and retail-forward Meatpacking District, has added a new location – only this new shopping paradise is in the metaverse. Called Samsung 837X, […]

Step-by-step investments guide

A person holding a mobile phone with an NFT with a desktop wallpaper in the background

NFT Step-by-step guide Step-by-step start guide Learn how to begin investing in NFTs from scratch Step-by-step investments guide Step 1 : Find a suitable NFT Marketplace​ As a buyer, you will need the right NFT marketplace to discover exclusive digital assets. There are several NFT marketplaces around. However, not all marketplaces support all types of […]

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