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Check out the crazy success story of Trevor Jones

trevor jones

From having to borrow money to becoming one of the most successful artists nowadays.

Jones 51, had a very humble early life and struggled to find his way in life, Jones enrolled in a course at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art, graduating at the age of 38.

After struggling for several years, by 2012, Jones began to take more risks with his art, carving out a new niche for himself, integrating QR codes and AR into his art. Granting a taste of success and making his work more interesting. 

In 2019, Jones entered the NFT world with the help of some fellow artists and became undoubtedly one of the leading artists in the crypto art medium by primarily making paintings and animating them afterward. Now Trevor has by far the highest average sales on SuperRare ($5,326) and his very first NFT sold there for over $10,000. He now also has the highest-selling NFT artwork ever with his The Bitcoin Bull animation on Nifty gateway selling for a massive $55,555.55. 

Throughout 2020, Jones found yet more success. Another collaboration with Alotta Money called EthBoy sold on the async platform for $140,704, and on Nifty Gateway, Pak and Jones made over $1.4 million in sales.

The super-accelerated pace of the NFT market is both a blessing and a curse, Jones feels. While it allows upcoming artists like Fewocious to blow up overnight, making a living from art, the success stories can sometimes overshadow emerging artists who are as deserving of attention.

“In the early days …there really were only a handful of [crypto] artists. We all spoke to each other daily and got excited about who’s doing what,” he says. “In the last six or so months, it’s really blown up…It mirrors the art world in general, with money, egos, and personalities, and everybody wanting a piece of the pie.”

Most expensive art sold by Trevor Jones


The PAK X TREVORJONES collab was one of the biggest collaborations for Trevor Jones in the NFT space. It got sold and made his approx. $1.4 million dollars, while still having no clue about PAK real identity as the artist PAK prefers his identity to be kept hidden.

Trevor, Alotta Money – Ethboy

Ethboy is a unique art that depicts the son of Picasso, Paulo dressed as Harlequin in this artwork. The octahedron Ethereum logo replaces the chequered pattern of the original jester outfit. The boy who fiddles with his fingers gives off a very nervous aura yet his expression displays confidence. Wearing a robe that is filled with Ethereum logo pattern upon it and who stares directly at the viewer with a rather Mona Lisa-like’ smile. This artwork tells us a lot about the Ethereum crypto-currency as it seems as though the Crypto- world is filled with uncertainty and people are nervous about it. Yet, the boy represents all the artists in the NFT community who have worn the robe of Ethereum and who are somewhat confidence and optimistic about the whats going to happen in the future with NFTs and Crypto-art.

This artwork was created by Trevor Jones in collaboration with Alotta Money and it was sold for $140,000 dollars bought by the user named witty-pollock-1544.

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